Medical Consulting

Medical Consulting

Dr. Goldberg runs a general family practice offering a comprehensive integrated medical care for all general medical problems. He offers comprehensive support of the body through holistic and natural medical interventions, dietary and other life style changes, as well as psycho-social exploration which can uncover the root causes of illness. He also offers specialist integrative medical care with intensive and pro-active programmes for a wide range of chronic conditions:

  • Intravenous therapy for many conditions including chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and cancer.
  • Integrated management of all stages of cancer.
  • Detox programmes for bowel, liver and other metabolic disturbances.
  • Chronic degenerative conditions of joints, spine and nervous system.
  • Integrated therapeutic programmes for a wide range of addictions.
  • Immune enhancement.
  • Organ System Repair.
  • Child and adolescent medical and psycho-social disorders.
  • Active holistic therapeutic management of HIV / AIDS.
  • Proactive management of spider veins, cellulite, water retention and lymphatic congestion.



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Dr Goldberg has for decades written for Natural Health Magazine, multiple Health Development booklets and other journals...
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