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Counselling and Coaching for self knowledge, self empowerment and self transformation has become an essential part of Dr Goldberg’s  medical practice. A wide range of psycho-emotional  issues and medical conditions are effectively managed through the psycho-developmental modality of Psychophonetic Counselling and Couching. 

It is applied to individuals, couples and groups.

Psychophonetics is a modality of personal transformation, life coaching, counselling and consultancy developed by Yehuda Tagar and based on  Psychosophy, a spiritual scientific view of the psyche evolved by Rudolf Steiner .
It regards the human being as a living body that harbours a psychological or soul activity that in turn provides a home for an individual spirit force with a potential connection to vast resources of vitality, creativity, intelligence, compassion, intimacy, expanded awareness and spirituality.

It combines a client-centred conversational approach to psychotherapy with non verbal expressive modalities of body sensing, gesture and movement, visualization and the skillful application of the sounds of human speech.  This direct connection to the body and the subconscious soul life allows for rapid access to deep psycho-emotional layers of experience, capacitating it as a relatively short and highly effective counselling-coaching process.

Psychophonetics facilitates effective recovery from addiction, past sexual and other abuses, reactions, projections, panic and anxiety disorders, dysfunctional behaviour patterns, relationship difficulties, burn-out, trauma, fatigue, creative blocks and a whole range of psychosomatic issues. It enables a deep and intimate connection to one’s Inner Child, Inner Man and Woman and to the deeper meaning of one’s experience, purpose, direction and meaning in life.

It is also actively used in Dr Goldberg’s practice to find the deeper psycho-spiritual causation of many medical conditions that have their root causes in psycho-social sub-layering.  These can be swiftly  explored and effectively removed in a medical psychophonetic counselling session.


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