You can choose who you want to be, each moment.

“My greatest passion in life is to help people help themselves and thereby help others.”

Dr. Goldberg has been recognized and awarded for his writing related to the synergy of physical health and spiritual awareness.

“Cultivating empathy is perhaps the greatest human resource”. Dr. Raoul Goldberg provides tools that enables one in a moment to provide different perspectives, allowing one to identify habits that inhibit empathetic engagement in whatever the day may bring. We learn new habits to replace old ones, invigorating creativity, innovation, self-care and health, which will have an effect upon one’s whole world.

His work Awaken Within is based on the reality that every interaction connects something outside with something inside . The child outside evokes immediately within one a range of experiences – feelings, memories, thoughts, body sensations, other sensory experiences, impulses, desires to do something etc, so that the child is already actively present within one’s own soul life. Once one learns to separate what belongs to oneself and what belongs inherently to the child, a path is opened to deep understanding of the child or person with whom one is engaging. When one then learns to awaken to and access the vast reservoir of resources that lie within, one discovers powerful ways to care for oneself which in turn equips one to care for others. Releasing old habits, patterns, traumas and addictions, frees one to choose consciously how one wants to live each moment.


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Wakening to Child Health Part 1 Awakening to Child Health
Dr Goldberg has for decades written for Natural Health Magazine, multiple Health Development booklets and other journals...
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