My experience with Dr.Goldberg was profound & life changing. I had been suffering from depression & grief from childhood abuse & the passing of my mother & nothing I tried seemed to help. I wanted tools to help myself & to do the journey naturally without drugs. Psychophenetic Counselling proved to be the catalyst for change & after just 5 sessions I felt uplifted & strong again & able to cope with life. Most importantly it gave me positive tools to work with at home on a regular basis to keep myself well without having to rely on a counsellor or medication, it felt very empowering. Dr.Goldberg gently guided me through the necessary steps & was very positive & supportive at all times.

- Sally Berg
Endorsement of Workshop in London March 2010Words are not enough to express my gratitude and my fulfillment at attending this amazing workshop about my own awakening to the Genius of Childhood.  It is the most appropriate as a holistic healer, communicator, coach and family counselor. The main benefits of this event:

  • the most delightful gift of presence, generosity and compassion of a being who is true to himself, who acknowledges and embraces his own shadows, who has made peace with the child within, who experiences the whole journey of discovering and healing the child inside and afterwards dedicated his own life to practising with integrity holistic medicine and creating a landmark encyclopaedia in the education and health of our children
  • empowerment to be a source of inspiration for myself and others to be true to themselves and fully expressed in their creative expression
  • Expanded self awareness and self accountability so that I am true to who I am in all aspects of my life

This work opened a door to the opportunity to study and practise on a regular basis with a group of dedicated people what we will re-discover from Raoul’s books. I am inspired to be a source of inspiration for the awakening to the greatness of the human being through the awakening to the Genius of Childhood.

 - Uk Medical Doctor

I have been a patient, colleague, and student of Dr Goldberg for over 21 years. His wealth of experience in Anthroposophical, Orthodox, and Complimentary medicines, together with his continued research into the psychospiritual connection to physical disease- results in a unique empathy and supremely effective patient centered consultation. As one of South Africa’s top Integrative Medical Doctors and Child Care Specialist- he has inspired me to keep my medical practice fresh and rewarding through creatively working together with a patient’s own wisdom and innate healing forces. I believe Dr Goldberg is a pioneer in the era of a new medicine.

- Dr. James La Porta

I want to state my appreciation of the great treatment and advice I’ve received over the past 3 or 4 years while I’ve been coming to Dr. Goldberg. His advice and experience regarding Ozone therapy have proved priceless to me in my battle with Hepatitis C.

- Alan Cutis

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Goldberg. I feel privileged to be one of his patients- he is caring , highly intelligent, thorough and I dare say one of the best GP/Homeopathic doctors around. I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness and all the specialists and top doctors as well as three other GP/Homeopathic doctors were daunted by the seriousness of my diagnosis, believing I would die within 6 months if I didn’t follow the traditional medical path. Dr. Goldberg gave me the amazing gift of supporting me in my choice to fight for my life with alternative therapy. Thanks to Dr. Goldberg’s treatment and faith in me, as well as hard work, I am almost completely cured and healthier than I’ve ever been a year later. Dr. Goldberg devotes himself to each patient, treating them as individuals, not as a number. He has my deepest respect and my eternal gratitude.

- Joleen Argenton


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