I am engaged in research in my daily life, clinical practice, counseling sessions and in my writing. If one is actively observing one’s own human experience, one is constantly making discoveries about one’s inner life.

Each patient offers me an opportunity to enter empathetically into the patients life story, inner disposition and outer symptoms, and then to find an essential diagnosis and rational therapy. Each counseling client provides a unique possibility for active body soul and spiritual research.

My first book Awakening to Child Health was written after I had inwardly processed my own biography that required a way of accessing the inner experience of each phase of childhood and adolescence.

Special research fields include:

  • The Pneumo-Psycho-Somatic Continuum.
  • Sounds as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool.
  • The psycho-spiritual background to illness.


Books & Publications

Wakening to Child Health Part 1 Awakening to Child Health
Dr Goldberg has for decades written for Natural Health Magazine, multiple Health Development booklets and other journals...
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